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Synonyms plants; Chlorobionta; Chlorobionta Bremer 1985; Chlorophyta/Embryophyta group; Viridiplantae Cavalier-Smith 1981; chlorophyte/embryophyte group; green plants
DescriptionThis data collection contains all currently published nucleotide (DNA/RNA) and protein sequences from Australian dwelling organisms in the kingdom Viridiplantae, commonly known as plants. The nucleotide (DNA/RNA) and protein sequences have been sourced through the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) and Universal Protein Resource (UniProt), databases that contains comprehensive sets of nucleotide (DNA/RNA) and protein sequences from all organisms that have been published by the International Research Community. The identification of species in Viridiplantae as Australian dwelling organisms has been achieved by accessing the Australian Plant Census (APC) or Australian Faunal Directory (AFD) through the Atlas of Living Australia.
Collection Content Last UpdatedJanuary 2014
Number of Species7241
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Name Common Names and Synonyms View EBI Records
Wolffia angusta Narrow Duckweed View Records
Schismatoglottis acuminatissima Schismatoglottis acuminatissima Schott View Records
Potamogeton perfoliatus Clasped Pondweed; Potamogeton perfoliatus L. View Records
Amphibolis griffithii Griffiths Sea Nymph; Amphibolis griffithii (J.M.Black) Hartog View Records
Aponogeton kimberleyensis Aponogeton kimberleyensis Hellq. & S.W.L.Jacobs View Records
Schismatoglottis viridissima Schismatoglottis viridissima A.Hay View Records
Schismatoglottis tecturata Schismatoglottis tecturata (Schott) Engl. View Records
Remusatia vivipara View Records
Schismatoglottis asperata Schismatoglottis asperata Engl. View Records
Zostera capricorni Zostera capricorni Asch. View Records
Typhonium flagelliforme Typhonium flagelliforme (Lodd.) Blume View Records
Najas marina Prickly Water-nymph; Najas marina L.; holly-leaf naiad; spiny naiad View Records
Sagittaria montevidensis Arrowhead; Sagittaria montevidensis Cham. & Schltdl. View Records
Amorphophallus galbra Amorphophallus galbra F.M.Bailey View Records
Monstera adansonii View Records
Potamogeton octandrus Potamogeton octandrus Poir. View Records
Helianthium tenellum Helanthium Tenellum; Helianthium tenellum (Mart.) J.G.Sm. View Records
Lagarosiphon major African Elodea View Records
Zantedeschia aethiopica Arum Lily; Zantedeschia aethiopica (L.) Spreng.; arum-lily; calla-lily; pig-lily View Records
Halophila decipiens Devious Sea-wrack; Halophila decipiens Ostenf. View Records