Australian Organism Collection

Synonyms Animalia; animals; metazoans; multicellular animals
DescriptionThis data collection contains all currently published nucleotide (DNA/RNA) and protein sequences from Australian dwelling organisms in the kingdom Metazoa, commonly known as Animalia. The nucleotide (DNA/RNA) and protein sequences have been sourced through the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) and Universal Protein Resource (UniProt), databases that contains comprehensive sets of nucleotide (DNA/RNA) and protein sequences from all organisms that have been published by the International Research Community. The identification of species in Metazoa as Australian dwelling organisms has been achieved by accessing the Australian Plant Census (APC) or Australian Faunal Directory (AFD) through the Atlas of Living Australia.
Collection Content Last UpdatedJanuary 2014
Number of Species5727
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Species in Collection

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Name Common Names and Synonyms View EBI Records
Cyclodius ungulatus Cyclodius ungulatus (H. Milne Edwards, 1834) View Records
Portunus sanguinolentus Three Spot Swimming Crab View Records
Charybdis hellerii Indo-pacific Swimming Crab (english); Charybdis helleri; Charybdis hellerii (Milne Edwards, 1867) View Records
Hypothalassia armata Champagne Crab (Fao); Hypothalassia armata (De Haan, 1835) View Records
Macrophthalmus darwinensis View Records
Chlorodiella laevissima Chlorodiella laevissima (Dana, 1852) View Records
Hapalocarcinus marsupialis Coral Gall Crab; Hapalocarcinus marsupialis Stimpson, 1859 View Records
Austrothelphusa transversa View Records
Huenia heraldica Huenia heraldica (de Haan, 1837) View Records
Menaethius orientalis Menaethius orientalis (Sakai, 1969) View Records
Calappa lophos Red-streaked Box Crab View Records
Liomera rugata Corrugated Liomera; Liomera rugata (H. Milne Edwards, 1834) View Records
Metopograpsus thukuhar View Records
Tiarinia cornigera View Records
Planes minutus Gulfweed Crab View Records
Calappa gallus Rough Box Crab View Records
Calappa hepatica Reef Box Crab View Records
Pilumnus vespertilio Pilumnus vespertilio (Fabricius, 1793) View Records
Charybdis variegata Charybdis variegata (Fabricius, 1798) View Records
Leptograpsus variegatus View Records